As a part of the congress, healthcare institutions of public and private sector and universities will be able to open stands at the foyer to introduce their activities on quality, performance and patient and employee safety.

Stand application is free-of-charge and healthcare institutions and agencies, whose applications are deem fit by the Congress Steering Board, will be able to promote their activities in accordance with the rules listed below.

Stand Rules

  • An approximately 6 m2 (3x2 m) space will be provided for each stand at the foyer.
  • Stantlar 10 Ocak 2018 tarihlerinde 09:00 - 18:00 saatleri arasında kurulacaktır. Bu tarih ve saatler dışında herhangi bir malzeme taşınması ve kurulum işlemine izin verilmeyecektir.
  • Stand attendants are obliged to wear their name badges.
  • Each stand will be provided with electrical and Internet connection. And if requested, one table and chair will be provided as well.
  • Computers, projectors, etc. can be made use of at the stand area for promotion purposes. However, these audio and visual devices should be located in a way that they do not disturb the flow and order at the foyer and other stands.
  • A list of all activities to be conducted and samples of materials (leaflets, books, etc.) to be distributed at stands should be submitted to the Congress Steering Board no later than November 24, 2017. Distribution of materials, which the Congress Steering Committee is not notified about, will not be allowed.
  • Promotion materials to be distributed at the stands should be in line with the respective legislation of the Turkish Ministry of Health. Congress Steering Committee will not be held liable on this issue.
  • Stand attendees should not engage in any promotional activities other than the stand area allocated to them. All stands should be dismantled at designated hours. To ensure general order at the stand area, these hours should be followed. In case a stand is not dismantled at designated hours, the responsibility will be upon stand owners.
  • The organizing company or the congress center will not be responsible for cleaning of stands. The respective company or institution will be responsible for cleaning of the stand. It is forbidden to hang or stick anything on the walls of the congress center; otherwise, the respective company or institution will be directly liable to the congress center
  • Materials to be hanged will be hanged on boards provided by the organizing company.
  • After the identification of any material damage to the congress center, the responsible institution or organization will make payment to the congress center.
  • Congress Steering Board, organizing firm, or the congress center will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or stealing that may occur in relation to the stand area and materials.
  • Apart from the above mentioned rules and approved stand activities, the Congress Steering Board will have the right to take all necessary measures against any activity.


Institutions wishing to take part at the stand area are kindly requested to submit a file with their respective activities regarding quality, performance, and patient and employee safety, a list of all of the activities they plan to carry our at the stand are, and a sample of promotional materials (if materials are under printing, providing information regarding the content would be sufficient) to be distributed to no later than November 24, 2017.

  • The Declaration and SKS Best Practice Application Period on intensive demand has been extended until 03 November 2017.
  • VII. International Performance and Quality in Health will be held at Rixos Sungate Hotel in Antalya between 10-13 January 2018.
  • Within the context of the congress, Young Researches are provided TUBITAK's "Support for Participation in Domestic Scientific Activities."
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  • All participants are invited to the summits to be held as a part of the congress.
  • Congress course applications start on June 15, 2017!
  • Online paper submission system is launched.